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A creative soul,
i dazzle senses as indie
doc filmmaker, massage therapist and professional birth keeper

Every child's tear I trap in a glass is a crystal waiting to birth.

I see massage as intuitive dance:

a unique synergy of body flow that undulates to rhythms of breath whispers, chi balances, and the beating heart.


I reawaken, rekindle, restore tired spirits. 


As an artist-therapist, your body is my canvas, your emotions are my colors, & my knowledge is our tool: together, even the slightest touch will count.


- For every spurt of bitterness, we know 

the sweet taste of sweet. - C


Pals call me Char. I’m an engineer by trade, but a storyteller at heart; film brought me to birth, which brought me to massage. Today, I love that I am a holistic massage therapist, compassionate birth keeper (doula), and indie DOC storyteller. I enjoy my private practice as co-founder of Montreal MT as well as associate with other massage therapists and volunteer with a local NGO called Montreal Birth Companions. 


My educated tolerances come from journeying through sandy Kuwaiti souks, feisty Israeli streets, sweaty Indian child-factories, lonely Thai orphanages, seductive Peruvian highlands, midnight Korean classrooms, forgotten Vietnamese railroads & exotic indigenous lands all across North America. Besides cultural traveling, I believe

in holistic healing: Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Compassionate Touch, Artful Communication and Trust.


I proudly wear my badge of courage with Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse through Childbearing. A member of the Association of Quebec Doulas (AQAN/AQAD) and ACTMD. 

 I work on a computer all day long, and my environment does not have an ideal ergonomic keyboard is on a tray under the desk, the mouse sits on the top, causing my right shoulder to be elevated when using the mouse....Though I get up, move around and stretch regularly, it is not enough to prevent issues.


From it, I’ve experienced chronic soreness in the upper body, particularly the right shoulder & arm. Charmaine’s massage therapy helped greatly in reducing the chronic soreness & muscle stiffness, and has also reduced other little aches & pains. As well, discussing this issue with her was very informative as I got a better understanding of how the body’s muscles and nerves are interlinked.


- Jimmy K, TIKIT client



A big thank you to both of you for being a part of the Massage Therapy tent at our fundraising event. And, thanks also for staying later to hold the fort!  

Hopefully we'll see you both next year!


 - Organizers, ENBRIDGE 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer



Charmaine is a well trained massotherapist who can respond to a variety of ailments with just the right approach, technique and sensitivity. She managed to reduce my extremely painful nerve pain in my arm & shoulder to a manageable level. I recommend her to anyone.  

- Tim Riley, Real Estate Investor



Charmaine is a knowledgable and compassionate bodyworker who brings good humor and high spirits to the process.Wish I could work with her more often.


- Bobby Maloney, MASSAGE THERAPIST (the Bronx)



Once upon a time, there was a real estate queen warrior whose crown got heavy with responsibilities and shoulders tensed from fighting for her people. She couldn’t sleep and night, blaming the pillows. Every day, she walked to the river to find balance and positive energy to get through her journey. One day, a happy white spirit approached her, following by a smiling magician. The queen decided to trust her instinct and accepted the invitation to visit the cave of wonders. There, a room with a little space to hang her crown and deposit her swords, the exotic oils and miraculous touch of experienced hands drained the pain out of her exhausted body. The following morning an unknown and unpleasant noise woke the queen up from her profound slumber. It was the alarm clock. A sound, she couldn’t even remember. Every time when this fascinating magician comes back from her sacred voyage, landing her flying carpet on Crawford Street, she brings back a new gift of relief. From Ayurvedic stress eraser, the bamboo deep massage to Hawaiian lomi lomi, there is no need for you to accept the pain.


- Jarmila, PAINTER



The massage technique of Lomi Lomi cannot be described with words. It definitely needs to be experienced first-hand (PUN INTENDED!). I had an incredible experience and felt more relaxed than I ever have after other massage techniques. If I have to describe it, I would say that it takes you to another place and you forget where you are. You become so relaxed that sometimes you may even drift off to sleep for a few minutes. I definitely would recommend Lomi Lomi with Charmaine any day of the week!





I'm over 40, I've been getting massages 4 times a year for forever and I honestly think this was one of the best massages I've ever had! So relaxing, it was wonderful. Thank you Charmaine.


- Anonymous, AIRLINE PILOT



My body has taken such a beating, you are a gift from Heaven. What was that?! I loved every part of your presence. You are such a sweet, good person. Thank you. Really, thank you Charmaine for making me feel - just so wonderful. I'm in a daze, I guess you did your job. You should be smiling. I am.


- Your client, TEACHER