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Wear the #mask or not? That's the question! But, gosh, it's been 3 months and it's still the Q...??

There's so much on this. I mean, confusion. And, rightly so. Especially with smart intelligent doctors going back and forth on this #COVID19mask issue. Both sides emphatic on their "truths to the safety of the mask"! Quotes heard on the airwaves: It'll keep you safe. Absolutely don't wear it, because you don't wear it the way it was intended to be worn. You can wear it, but only for 20 minutes then toss it 'cause it's dead. If you're running out, don't worry- wash and wear. Make sure you hang dry it and not throw it in the dryer. Thankfully, Matthew McConaughey saved the day with his youtube video on making a #DIYfacemask with a coffee filter insert! " I even heard someone say that Matt's #bandanafaceprotection was just as efficient as an #N95NIOSHmask worn for 12 straight hours... And, just like that, on and on and on, it has gone...

How do we navigate the plethora of #Covidnews on the safety of the #almightymask? No one piece of clothing has gotten more notoriety in less time. Perhaps, the bra? And, even that has been cut up by genius out-of-work seamstresses into clever face protection. Now, as deconfinement unravels, as personal care #healthandwellness facilities have been green lit to open up their doors to the public, with new protocols of "everyone must be masked" - the therapist, the client, the guardian... - masks are the new breakfast, lunch, and dinner topic.

So, back to the Question, or questions... Should we wear a mask? Who does it really protect? How long does it overstay its welcome to both the user and the other? Which mask to wear?

I figured I'd put out some valid points:

1) A mask was designed for self protection from particles, pollen, etc. So, should there be contagion in the air, and you're wearing that sort of mask face protection, you would be protected.

2) Each mask has a different complexity to its fabric and design. So, the cheaper commercial-grade disposable masks that are 3-ply would conceivably offer protection for a shorter time and to a smaller group of contagion particles than the more elaborate medical-grade N95 mask designed for, you got it, high contagion hospital climates.

3) A mask also stands to protect others from contagions you put out; therefore, it expands from self-protection to protection of those around you - from you.

4) If you do experience Covid symptoms, or any other Virus for that matter, you should be at home, isolating, and not out and about, wearing a mask, nor a bra on your face, nor drinking coffee through a smart slit in your bandana face protector. Cute and funny as you thought it was when you stepped out, you should step back indoors.

5) If you have chosen to wear a #disposable3PLYmask, for all the right reasons to protect yourself from others and others from you, please don't touch your mask, once you've entered the world outside. Assume, the mask has done its job nobly and collected all the gunk you wished for it to collect. Leave it alone, proud and strong, coyishly hiding your features. And, when you choose to remove it, discard the hardworking baby safely, and wash your hands.

6) If you have run out and bought the super duper #KN95nonmedical5PLYmask, for the same reasons as above, except your wallet is lined a tad more favorably, shall we say, and allows for the chariot of fire versus a horse buggy, you've got to know that the rules are the same. You can't touch your super duper mask. You absolutely don't wash and reuse. And, please don't continue to use it for 2 weeks, or 2 days...

7) I'll end with a little understanding of the language: #N95 means the mask is certified to block 95% of particles. Also fondly called a #particulaterespirator. Most often is outfitted with head straps. #KN95 has lesser regulations. Not always classified as #medicalgradePPE. Made in China. Any #faceprotector with the #NIOSH certification confirms it meets North American regulations.

Et Voilà.

IMHO, wear a mask. wear it well. wear it proud. don't touch it. don't play with it. and if you're sick, stay home and don't wear a mask. it's tough enough to breathe with one without a respiratory tract infection or a stuffy nose.

And, if you're booking a #massageandbodywork session with #MontrealMT, you must wear a mask. I will be as well. And, if you don't have one, well - we'll need to sell you one.



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